How Agility Can Change Higher Education

I wrote this piece as part of the EdSurge Independent Fellowship,  and I have put forth 7 principles that could help us in making higher education more agile in society.

What are these 7 principles?


● Motivated learners are determined to be successful and should be trusted to make the most of their learning pathway

● Demonstrable knowledge and wisdom/learning is the primary measure of student success

Mindful Design

● Observe and welcome the evolving needs of students wherever they are in their learning pathway; maintain a sustainable curricular development at a constant pace

● Continuous attention to pathways and learning excellence

● Maintaining simplicity and coherence in the learning pathway is essential


● Close co-operation between learners and educators, and educators and infrastructure providers (government, community, donors, tech providers, etc.). All stakeholders reflect together on how to adjust and adapt to challenges to meet learning outcomes more effectively

● The best insights into effective practices, recognition of students’ needs, and valuable learning pathways emerge from active, self-organising collaborative learners

I have used a couple of personal stories from my experience working with children in rural India.For the complete article, click on this post.


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