About Me

We live in a time when our understanding of our various linkages will determine the nature of our future.

How these various elements – technology, data, politics, markets, environment, values, education – interact to shape our personal, professional and social spaces is something that deeply interests me.

I am a lifelong learner with a strong belief in the power of education to help individuals thrive with the right values in a challenging world. Society has become both data-rich and increasingly complex with multidimensional linkages.  Through my work and engagements, I want to be a deep learner and influencer at the intersection of higher education, employability and sustainability. 

As co-founder at BridgEd, I work toward making global learning experiences accessible. I am deeply interested in how people can weave their educational and other life experiences into effective narratives (and signals) for their own growth and the workplace.

To know more about my my experiences, visit my LinkedIn profile.

My understanding of the world is ever-evolving. Opinions and views shared on this site are strictly personal.